Benjamin Pasternak was born on 6 September 1999. He is the son of Anna Pasternak and Mark Pasternak. Originally from Australia, he lives in New York, where he rents an apartment that he shares with his business partner Isaiah Turner.

He started his career when he was still in high school in Australia. Here he developed two IOS games, Impossible Rush and Impossible Dial because he got bored during the lessons. These games were downloaded by millions of people. As a result, these apps quickly became number one in several countries. Pasternak is seen as a young innovator who tries to change the world.
Ben is also co-founder of the American technology and social media company Monkey. This app was launched on November 29, 2016. Monkey is a video chat app special for teenagers. With this app billions of calls are made and currently has more than 3 million users. This app got the 26th place on the US App Store (iOS)
Although it was never the intention, this app was sold to HOLLA ltd on 1 December 2017 so they could spend more time on a new project and therefore decided to make a trip to India to gain inspiration for this.

Ben is a very successful entrepreneur, regardless of his age and the fact that he has not completed his high school, who has already launched several successful apps on the market and is constantly working on new projects.

As a result, he has already accumulated considerable capital and this will only increase as time goes by. Ben Pasternak is already a successful entrepreneur, but he continues to look for another project with which he can change the world. Hopefully he will soon be back with a new app on the market.

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